Over the past year I have dove heavily into personal development and have started a journey of reconditioning my thoughts and beliefs which has made me a better person.  I am so proud of who I have become and who I am continuing to become.   The changes that I have seen in myself made it apparant that it was time to start my children on a journey of their own.  So about four months ago I started doing what I call bedtime affirmations kind of like most people do bedtime prayers with their children. 
My children are 2 and 3 years old.  I say the affirmations with each of them individually so there is a stronger focus within them as we say them.  The affirmations that we say nightly are as follows:
I can be do or have anything I want in life.
I am a billionaire.
I am a creator.
I am a producer.
I am very grateful for everything in my life.
I am living in abundance.
I am experiencing prosperity.
I am worthy.
I deserve to have it all.
I believe in myself.
I choose happiness.
I love myself.
I am successful.
I am being my true self authentically and powerfully.
We are adding new ones all the time.  It has been extremely successful.  My boys love to say their affirmations.  They wont go to bed without saying them.  They even know most of them by heart.  A lot of times you will hear them saying some of these affirmations through out the day as they are playing.  It is almost as if they are singing a song or something.  Jonas, my 2 year old, loves to say I can be do or have anything I want in life and I am very grateful for everything in my life. He makes people repeat after him all the time.  Aidan, my 3 year old, also loves to say them as well especially I am a creator and I am a producer. 
I am so excited to instill in them beliefs that will assist them in all areas of their lives.  I feel that there are so many children that lack in a lot of these beliefs whether it be them being loved, happy, appreciative of what they have.  Many of these children grow into adults with major financial, emotional, physical, and relationship problems.  I am giving my children a foundation of love, communication, gratitude, happiness, and belief that they world is filled with unlimited possiblities and there is nothing in this world but opportunity.  I will continue to give them the tools that I learn on a daily basis so that they really see that they can be do or have anything they want in life and that it all starts with a choice and then a decision.  They are very loving, giving boys and I am so proud to be their Mother.  They are my life and I will do anything to give them the opportunities necessary for them to soar with the understanding that when they make a choice and then follow it by a decision and then persistant action anything can be accomplished. 
Stacy Callies

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