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More Comments About Gratitude Works

“I think it’s really powerful because it helps us look through a different lens.  When I notice things in my life that you’ve written about, I receive extra pleasure because I make the connection and find myself experiencing them more deeply.”
–Janice Campbell, Author of “Receive Your Life”

“Life is about gratitude, and you have put the words ‘thank you’ into a fantastic book.”
–Cynthia Brian, Founder/President
  Be The Star You Are, charity, empowering youth at risk through literacy.

“It is wonderful and I think everyone needs to understand all they can about gratitude because it certainly does work.”
– Lionel R. Ketchian, Publisher of the “Happ-E-Newsletter,” and Founder of the “Happiness Club” in Fairfield, CT.

COMMENTS from participation in the 12th Annual International Self-Published Book
Awards (2005)

“I liked the specific sensory details that were used in the stanzas. They evoked images and feelings that were beautiful, heartfelt, and poignant. I also liked how a person could read an uplifting thought each day, throughout the year.”

“Gratitude Works is a treasure trove of memories, insights and inspiration.  The daily readings and practice of gratitude will transform you and open you to experience each precious, present moment in the light of life’s blessings.”
Dr. Gisela Sannar, Lake San Marcos, CA

COMMENTS from participation in the 11th Annual Writer’s Digest International Self-Published Book Awards (2004):

“This is a lovely book, very nicely produced in all respects, from the beautiful cover to the interior design–type face, and such. The physical product itself evokes a feeling that one may luxuriate in the contents. The authors present a poetically written means by which the readers may count their blessings every day–reading one page per morning from the little volume by their bedsides. Many, many people enoying rising in the morning and finding a bit of inspiration to start their day on a positive note. This is a nice book for that activity.  Due to the small size and pretty pages, the book will make a good gift for a friend.”

“The variation in the contents, the exploration of our everyday joys is certainly upbeat and a pleasure… This is a gentle volume that certainly borders on poetry and will make a nice bedtime or morning companion.”

“… I think you’ve done a wonderful job capturing the essence of the power of gratitude.”
–Debbie Ford, Institute for Integrative Coaching and author of
The Dark Side of the Light Chasers

“Here is an elegantly graceful gift of inspiration for the heart and mind. Take liberal doses and feel better instantly!”
— Alan Cohen, author of
A Deep Breath of Life

“I had just been thinking for the past several days of what a powerful healing tool gratitude is for the depressed, despondent, financially distressed, bitter, or self-pitying. When times are tough, I sit in meditation, list all  the people and things I am grateful for, and ask a special blessing for each of them.  For those who haven’t gotten into the spiritual practice of making a gratitude list, your daily thoughts are an excellent beginning.”
–Donna Cunningham, MSW, Co-editor of  
Vibration Magazine.

“In addition to being sweet to read, I think the design of your book is beautiful, and will look pretty on any bureau/dresser/table.  I like that touch.”
–Diane Goldner, Author of
How People Heal

“It is full of powerful reminders of the healing power of gratitude.”
–Dr. Robert A. Emmons, Dept. of Psychology, University of CA-Davis.