Authors Collaborate on Book About Simple Pleasures of Life

Authors Collaborate on Book
About Simple Pleasures of Life

By Michelle Van Drisse, Staff Writer
Greendale Village Life
October 23,2003
Katherine Scherer and Eileen Bodoh are taking time to show their gratitude.

In their book, “Gratitude Works,” the two attempted to capture every word, phrase and sentence that came into mind that shows gratitude.

Writing the book was a challenging, yet fulfilling three year process, they say. Scherer, a Greendale resident, said “Gratitude Works” is patterned after a Sarah Ban Breathnach book, “Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort.”

Bodoh, a Milwaukee resident, said the pair’s intention was simple. “We wanted to do something to make a difference in the world,” Bodoh said. We wanted to do something and it was always in the back of our minds.”

Scherer and Bodoh were asked to contact woman’s shelters and Alcolhol Anonymous groups because it was thought that the book would be uplifting for people.

Scherer remembers her first book sale was to a man who gave it to his 9-year-old daughter.

“It’s a fun, easy-to-read book,” Scherer said. “It just shifts you.”

Scherer said the pair begun the research for their book by jotting down what they are thankful for, then elaborated those thoughts.

“There’s a lot more to gratitude than saying thank you,” Scherer said. “It has the potential to make your life better.”

Bodoh agrees that simple things can still make people grateful.

“Just look around,” she said. “You can see the sky today the sun is shining.”

Scherer said she and Bodoh called each other and worked with each other often.

They began their book with lists. “Everyday we would call each other up and say, ‘I thought of this,'” Scherer said.

A line from the introduction of the book wraps up how Scherer and Bodoh say gratitude can bring about transformation: “Words of thanks can change our thoughts, and by changing our thoughts, we can change our lives.”

The book can be picked up on any page, however, it is in chronological order from January to December.

“There’s a theme for each month,” Bodoh said. “January is Reflection, February is Heart, October is Harvest and November is Thanksgiving. It’s nice to read from beginning to end to get a nice flow of the seasons.”

Of course along with the stresses of co-authoring a book comes inspiration – Scherer and Bodoh found their inspiration at Bella Cafe, Ltd., 189 N. Milwaukee St.

“We usually met there, that’s where we did a lot of planning,” Bodoh said. “The owners Tim and Jim know us by our first names.”

Scherer and Bodoh met at New Thought Community Church, 219 N. Milwaukee St.

Bodoh said even gratitude has its challenges, this time it was not duplicating the words and getting four lines to each page.

“We wore out a thesaurus,” Bodoh said, followed by a laugh by the co-authors.

Scherer said gratitude takes opening one’s mind up to others and being patient. This was true during the different phases of pulling the book together.

“We didn’t have one disagreement during the whole process,” Scherer said.

They are grateful to Jack White of Jack White Graphic Design for the inside and outside art and the layout.

Now that it is done, Scherer said it feels good to hold something in her hand that her and Bodoh created.

Scherer and Bodoh worked part-time on the book for three years and even took six months off from their jobs as owner of a painting and stain business and a retired legal secretary, respectively.

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