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Sometimes, I just don’t understand myself.  I must be getting old, complacent, mellower (not “mellow”).  I have always hated “little” books.  Especially little “paperback” books.  Most particularly little paperback “gift-type” books.  You know the kind.  If You Love More Today Than Yesterday, You’ll Be Better Off Than Tomorrow.  

So why, I ask myself, do I like Gratitude Works so much?  This diminutive (5″ x 5″) book measures in at just over 365 pages.  And–surprise–it devotes a page to each day in the year.  Written by a dynamic duo who go by the monikers of Katherine Scherer and Eileen Bodoh, this is a “treasure trove of memories, insights and inspiration.  The daily readings and practice of gratitude will transform you and open you to experience each precious, present moment in the light of life’s blessings.”

Syrupy or not, I still like the thing.  Possibly because the authors’ personalities shine through.  Take the entry for the first of the year:

A natural expression of a loving heart,
The power of gratitude recharges our souls.
In giving thanks we help heal the world
And increase our abundance of blessings unknown.

I mean, it’s not Joyce Kilmer.  But, then again, I never really liked Joyce Kilmer.

In short, the book is a reason to be grateful, one day at a time, from the experiences and memories of the authors.  You can tell they mean every word: their sincerity shines through.  My favorite entry?  I guess it would have to be the one for March 1:

Relaxing and going with the flow,
Cherishing each ordinary moment,
Less worrying about what everyone else thinks,
Enjoying the process without being attached to the outcome.

Well, you get my drift.  If you’re looking for a great little gift idea for someone special–or a daily spiritual lift for yourself–this volume speaks, well, volumes.  I highly recommend it.

— Review by D. J. Herda, American Society of Authors and Writers
(September 5, 2005)

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