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Gratitude Works: Open Your Heart to Love It’s a new year. Time to make changes.  I can’t think of a better way to begin than to count your blessings and be grateful.

May I suggest that you allow Katherine and Eileen to help you with your mission?  Their book offers 365 opportunities to give thanks.  You can read it from cover to cover as I did and feel an overwhelming recognition of how blessed you are, or you can read one reflection a day and focus on that particular blessing all day long.  Any way you do it, you will be amazed at what gets taken for granted.  More importantly, your focus will become centered on the positive.  You will feel uplifted and more optimistic by knowing you are blessed day in and day out.
I recommend picking up this little gem.  It also makes a great gift.

— Review by: Dotsie Bregel,
January, 2007

If you open “Gratitude Works: Open Your Heart to Love” to a random page, you might happen upon an appreciation of a simple aspect of life that makes you smile.  For example, dog lovers will surely chuckle when reading the description of why the authors are grateful for a mischievous puppy.  There are many such pages in this book of 365 reasons for gratitude.
But “Gratitude Works” operates on a much more sublime level as well.  It’s not just a collection of brief cutesy depictions of daily life.  There is an order and a vision that rises far above the “cute” and “common” in this book.  It is when you see and feel that vision that the simple gifts of life begin to seem extraordinary and wonderful.
The core of this book, in my view, is the vision that all things are bound together by love, which proceeds from God.  And if we can only open our eyes to see it, then even simple things can begin to appear miraculous, we begin to see the miracle that life is.  Gratitude is “A natural expression of a loving heart” we are told.  “In giving thanks we heal the world and increase our abundance of blessings unknown.”
But it’s more complicated than that.  Yes, “There’s great potential in this material world.”  But since “principles and ideas create reality” we all have a responsibility to choose proper principles that we will live by, and we must exercise care in selecting the ideas we will reward with our attention.
“Life is full of twists and turns, each of us has a unique path to follow.”  It’s possible to make mistakes if we let the hectic pace of the world cause us to lose focus on what’s fundamentally real.  But there is always a chance for redemption, even if we temporarily fail, because “Light, love, peace and joy flow continuously on our earth.”
This is truly a beautiful little book.  The readings appear simple, but if you really think about what’s being said, you see an almost scriptural loving wisdom shining through.

— Reviewed by:  Kevin Farnham (CT, USA) of  Seeing Universal Love in Simple Things, July 21, 2006


This book’s cover is itself so beautiful that it makes you want to see what’s inside. I don’t think you will be disappointed.  You, may want to read it from cover to cover in one sitting (as I did), but it easily could be used as a daily guide since each page has an item to be grateful for, with lines underneath elaborating on that particular subject, one for each day of the year.  A thought expressed in the introduction is a sample of what is to come:  “When we feel gratitude for each moment, we enrich our souls.”
As you progress through the book, it should make you more aware of the many things for which to be grateful–some big, some small, some taken for granted.  It should inspire all of us to “open our hearts to love” by expressing our gratitude.

— Review by Francie Hill of the Ringling Library, Ringling, Oklahoma, June 1, 2006

Scherer and Bodoh have drawn from a reservoir of intellect to mold these words of gratitude in ways that become motivational, encouraging, and life transforming. Read entire review.

— Reviewed by Richard R. Blake, San Leandro, CA  (April 13, 2006)

“Gratitude Works” is a deceptively simple gift book. Readers consume just five lines of
text each day, a page for every day of the year. Pretty and filled with pleasing prose, the
message of the book will alter your way of thinking by focusing you on your blessings. Read entire review.

— Reviewed by Kim Peterson for Reader Views (3/06)

April 2006
Review from

Gratitude Works ~ really does work!
If you’ve ever felt the need to be more positive about your life, then this book is for you. The front cover alone is beautiful, but once inside you will discover it is filled with 398 pages of encouraging and inspirational ideas for counting your blessings each day. This book is sure to stay close at hand, either by your bed or on your person.  Read entire review.

— Reviewed by Tracy Jane, Reviewer, Editor and Columnist; Cambridge, England (

March 5, 2006

Gratitude Works—Open Your Heart to Love is a small gift book with a beautiful cover that reflects the sentiments on the inside.  Each section of the book, divided by month, has a theme:  reflection, heart, balance, growth, beauty, love, nature, fun, transition, harvest, thanksgiving, and gifts.  Each day has an entry with sentiments that vary from simple to profound:  people who serve us, road signs that guide us, music and garden tools, to the power of song, living with integrity, or ancient wisdom.  

Ever want to keep a gratitude journal?  There’s enough white space on these pages that you can add a little something each day. Gratitude Works is like a love note in book form.  It’s clear to me that the authors put a lot of heart into this book.  

I wanted this book because I’m interested in teaching my children about gratitude.  And I’m interested in expanding that quality in myself too.  I’m too often quick to notice what’s hard or what’s not working and I want to notice more of the blessings in life.  Sometimes when I sit with my family at the dinner table, we like to say what we’re grateful for (why wait until Thanksgiving?).  

This is the kind of book you can judge by its cover.  It’s feminine, nurturing, and poetic.  It would make a sweet gift to give to someone you feel grateful for and a nice indulgence for yourself.

— Review by Aunt Laya Saul (

Review from Rolling Seas Reviews,
Queensland, AUSTRALIA

Gratitude Works is an enchanting Inspirational book evoking the fondest of memories for each and every day of the year.  If we learn but two words in life, Thank You will suffice. Read entire review.

The two authors had seen the Oprah show when Sarah Ban Breathnach talked about her book, Simple Abundance. She suggested that listeners keep a gratitude journal by writing down five things that they are grateful for. They did and Gratitude Works is the charming results.

“Gratitude,” the authors say, “is a direct path to your heart. As we give thanks, we open our hearts to receive more live into our life.”

Shine a spotlight on a your blessings!

I have found that many people need big things to be grateful for. I am sort of a small-stuff person, like a clear night so I can marvel at the humor of the Big Dipper when I walk the dog; a friend who calls when I need to hear a friendly voice; and for old traditions that tug at my heart and new traditions that need care to grow. Mushy stuff!

The authors, with their involvement in holistic healing and hospice work, really talk about the small stuff–and I loved it, and you will, too.

Following each day’s headline are four lines that complete the thought of…I am so grateful for (a sampling):
— Differences
— Eternal optimism
— Composure in tragedy
— Serious conversation
— Special greetings

Many are so special, but I guess my favorite is:
I am so grateful for a tug on my heartstrings.
I keep a loving memory in my heart
of the very last hug my mother gave me,
The older I am the more appreciative I become
Remembering my dear ones and how much I love them.

— Reviewed by Connie Anderson (Nov. 2005)

One of the things we as people seem to do regardless of faith is ask the powers to be to help us. Authors Katherine Scherer and Eileen Bodoh remind us of the things we should be grateful for and depending on your faith, give thanks.

This is different than any book we have ever read. A page for each day of the year covers many things we take for granted, giving us a new perspective of the world and life around us.

Following the 394 page daily would be the good start of any ones day, even though it was basically designed for women. Most men we have met, would get a new perspective of life by using this book each day.

This multi cultural book, is not a religious book, fits in to anyone’s daily faith and will maybe give the hope and faith in something more just by reading its pages. It teaches us to be thankful not only for the great things in our lives but the small ones we take for granted. This is not a page turner per say, but a page you will want to turn every morning!

— Book Review (September 14, 2005)

Gratitude Works: Open Your Heart to Love contains a different affirmation for everyday for a full year. These notes are in the form of “I am grateful for” and then are followed with a short poem reflecting on that particular subject. Each month represents a new theme. Each theme reflects the changing moods, seasons, and events pertaining to a particular month: January-Reflection; February-Heart; March-Balance; April-Growth; May-Beauty; June-Love; July-Nature; August-Fun; September-Transition; October-Harvest; November-Thanksgiving; and December-Gifts. The subjects within these topics range from precious moments, feelings, and even tangible objects.

The entries of Gratitude Works: Open Your Heart to Love will be particular useful as daily affirmations or as subjects of contemplation. These positive reinforcements may also serve well for those interested in creating their own gratitude journals or those needing a reminder to look for the positive aspects of daily life.

— Reviewed by Tami Brady, TCM Reviews, Calgary, Alberta (September 11, 2005)

Sometimes, I just don’t understand myself.  I must be getting old, complacent, mellower (not “mellow”).  I have always hated “little” books.  Especially little “paperback” books.  Most particularly little paperback “gift-type” books.  You know the kind.  If You Love More Today Than Yesterday, You’ll Be Better Off Than Tomorrow.  Read entire review.
— Review by D. J. Herda, American Society of Authors and Writers (September 5, 2005)

Katherine Scherer and Eileen Bodoh have written Gratitude Works, as a way to help readers acknowledge all the blessings we have been given and to emphasize how counting our blessings can change our outlook on life.  Maintaining a positive attitude comes from concentrating on the things we have in life, instead of focusing on the things we don’t.  This of course, is a lot easier said than done.  The authors have structured the book in such a way as to allow the reader to read the book straight through like a novel, or to read a little each day.  The inspirational messages or daily meditations can be read throughout the year.  Each month highlights a different topic, season, or emotion to be explored and reflected upon. Each month begins with a stanza, and the rest of the month works back to the topic, for example April is growth, September is transition, etc.
The book is well written.  Some of the passages are written with great attention to detail, so much so, that the reader can actually visualize the scenes depicted, October 3- a hike in the woods, June 25 – the lazy, hazy days of summer.  Unfortunately, I believe the book will have a limited reading audience, as women tend to be more reflective by nature.  The authors suggest that Gratitude Works is more than just a book with a pretty cover to be placed out on the coffee table.  The best results are derived from reading it and reflecting upon the daily blessings.  With all the best of intentions, I could see people starting out the year determined to be more appreciative of their good fortunes, but few people will maintain this ritual throughout the year.  Myself included.  I don’t know if this says anything about the book, but rather more about us as individuals.
If you have an opportunity to read Gratitude Works, you’ll find it strikes a chord in your heart and makes you thankful for the good old days…a special memory long gone, but not forgotten…a favorite pair of old jeans worn thin in all the right places…a simpler time when life just seemed easier…when Christmas seemed as though it would never come…and summer seemed to never end…
— Reviewed by Jean Forrest on July 25, 2005 on

There are in this world daily calendars and daily devotions. Some are in book form, some as desk-top calendars, some as inspirational desk-top displays. This book is one of them.  Read entire review.
–Reviewed by John L. Hoh, Jr on  (July 6, 2005)

Katherine Scherer and Eileen Bodoh offer every one a chance to look at their worlds from a fresh viewpoint. It promises to improve our lives by taking stock of the infinite benefits that are enjoyed by most individuals. It suggests a way out from the stress and strains of daily labors that take its toll on individuals and their families.

The book firmly believes that gratitude can be cultivated if people spared few moments every day to look at their world from a different perspective. Recognizing gratitude as becoming an increasingly missing factor in today’s world, the work attempts to provide a solution to frayed nerves. The maddening rush to acquire riches has been found to deprive individuals of the simple pleasures of life. The authors have put together a therapeutic balm that offers its readers a soothing experience. The authors’ deep insight into nature of human existence and the little pleasures of life add greater meaning to the reading. Written in a formal tone, the authors’ repertoire of rich experiences of life brings a certain warmth and consolation to the reader. The three hundred and sixty five touching thoughts instill a sense of tranquility and serenity.

A thought provoking and moving work that is bound to bring a smile to the face of the depressed by offering them hope and solace. In short, this collection is a highly recommended gift that would make the world a happier place by touching the lives of its readers.

– BookWire Review
 February 1, 2005

“Most American’s live their daily life stressed out about family, money, jobs, and a myriad of other pressures. Gratitude Works is a book loaded with things in life to be grateful for—things most people take for granted until they are lost.

For each day of the year, Gratitude Works gives the reader something to be grateful for and a brief creative meditation. Gratitude Works is the perfect gift book for someone in your life that needs to come back to center and focus on the positive aspects of their life.

Gratitude Works is a book worth pondering to effectively advance change within one’s life. A highly recommended read!”
—USA Book News

Gratitude Works gently grabs hold of you and asks you to look at your world with new eyes!”
—USA Book News

Gratitude Works is a powerful testimonial for how all of us can live a life of expansion and grace.”
—USA Book News

Gratitude Works is a must read for individuals who are searching for a deeper connection to their family, and want a life filled with reverence, joy and love. A highly recommended book!”  
—USA Book News

“A spiritual life is simply being present. Gratitude Works demonstrates effectively the power of ‘being present’ in the light of the Divine. A truly great read!”
—USA Book News

“Gratitude Works” by Katherine Scherer & Eileen Bodah isn’t a book for reading in order.  Rather, it’s a year-long calendar of useful,  inspirational, and thoughtful sayings and poems encouraging people’s souls  and spirits.  “Gratitude Works” is the book to give to your grandparents, your parents, friends, peers, — even your teachers for when words fail them.  Four thumbs up for this carry-all book!  
– Lillian Cauldwell  (July 12, 2005)
Host The Lillian Cauldwell Show
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