Excerpts from Gratitude Works

Gratitude Works is an easy way to access the power of counting our blessings. Through the eyes of gratitude we open our hearts and bring joy into our lives. There is an awesome force in the universe that steers the stars and guides the planets. We marvel at the wonders in our world and sometimes question where they all come from. It is said that we already have everything we need. Everything has been given and nothing is expected in return. Everything is a gift! What is often missing is our appreciation for it. Our inner world of thought creates our outer world. Words of thanks can change our thoughts, and by changing our thoughts, we can change our lives.

Everything is an opportunity for us to expand, to learn, to grow, and to love. We hope the gratitudes we’ve written resonate with your life and prompt you to remember to be thankful. We hope being grateful for one thing leads to two and three and more until it ripples out and enhances your whole life with deeper meaning. We hope gratitude speaks to you and touches your soul. The world is rich when it’s seen through the eyes of gratitude!

       I am so grateful for a tug on my heart strings.
       I keep a loving memory in my heart
       Of the last hug my mother gave me,
       The older I am the more appreciative I become
       Remembering my dear ones and how much I love them.

       I am so grateful for hearty gestures.
       Placing a cold wash cloth on a feverish brow,
       Giving a pat on the back to express support,
       A firm handshake can be a warm welcome–
       Pick-me-ups like these can’t be bought.

       I am so grateful for gifts often taken for granted.
       Lungs breathe without conscious thought,
       Hearts maintain a steady, rhythmic beat,
       Brains think without us telling them to–
       Clearly, the human body is a walking miracle!

       I am so grateful for my independence.
       No longer a “wanna-be” in another person’s life,
       The grass isn’t greener on the other side,
       Not expecting others to fill me up
       Compels me to be fully accountable for myself.

       I am so grateful for the Golden Rule.
       Let kindness become a second language,
       Make a concerted effort to be fair and square,
       When tempted to speak harshly count to ten,
       And in retrospect ask, “What good have I done?”