Gratitude Works in Motion

Gratitude Works used in the following book launches:
“Carole’s Story…A Scottish Gem” by Michele Rodger
“Anxiety Disorders: The Go-to-Guide for Patients and Clinicians” by Dr. Carolyn Daitch
“99 Things You Wish You Knew Before Marketing on the Internet” by Peggy McColl

“On Toby’s Terms” by Charmaine Hammond

“Growing Up in Heaven” by James Van Praagh

“The Seven Spiritual Laws of Superheroes” by Deepak Chopra

“99 Things You Wish You Knew Before Stressing Out!” by Lauren E. Miller

“i am gr8ful for you” by Kim Serafini

“Wholeliness” by Carmen Harra, Ph.D.

Gratitude Works used in the following book launches:
“When Does That Mean” by Eldon Taylor
“Awakening to the Secret Code of Your Mind” by Dr. Darren Weissman
“Love for No Reason” by Marci Shimoff

“Super Competent” by Laura Stack

“A Juicy, Joyful Life” by Linda Joy.

“And the Clients Went Wild” by Maribeth Kuzmeski

“Muhammed” by Deepak Chopra

“Think or Sink” by Gina Mollicone.

“Romancing Sleep” by Constantine Darling & Terri Salvatore-Swahn

“Be Love Now” by Ram Dass.

“Emotional Freedom” by Dr. Judith Orloff

“Choosing Easy World” by Julia Rogers Hamrick

Sept. 10-13, 2009
Gratitude Works exhibited at the North Carolina Literary Festival, at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. 

“Gratitude Works Journal” used in the following book launches:
May 19th –  THE FIRST 30 DAYS by Ariane de Bonvoisin
June 23rd –  LIVING A CHARMED LIFE by Victoria Moran

July 29th – Rejuvenate Your Life in 21 Days

September 13th – “Simply an Inspired Life” by Jonathan Lockwood Huie and Mary Anne Radmacher

September 29th    “Love Yourself” by Larry Crane
September 29th    “Shift, a Woman’s Guide to Transformation” by Drs. Marion Ross & Tracy Latz


  • THANK GOD I – Stories of Inspiration for Every Situation – Created by John Castagnini – now out.
    Katherine’s story:  “Thank God My Husband Was an Alcoholic” appears in Book One of this new book series.
  • Kathy’s story published in the E-Book “Are You Singing the Song you Came to Sing”  – 65 stories of hope, passion and fulfillment compiled by Joe Sabah.


  • Article “The Real Secret of Gratitude” by Katherine Scherer published in the online newsletter of POWERFUL YOU! Women’s Network.


Ocean of Gratitue Cruise 2008 
Ocean of Gratitude Cruise 2008 
Kathy_Eileen_Dr Weissman
Kathy, Dr. Warren Weissman, and Eileen
Thank God I Authors
(from left to right) Kathy, Denise Venitellelli, Eileen, and Pierette Simpson
Kathy and Eileen participated in a Global Gratitude Circle in Panama City, Panama, drumming for gratitude and international peace.    



  • October 29th  –  “Gratitude Works Prayer Book” used in the launch of “The Astonishing Power of You, Simple Ways to Create an Extraordinary Life,” by Hazel Palache.
  • Gratitude Works Prayer Book” used as a bonus in the launch of  the book by Janet and Chris Attwood “The Passion


  • September 25 – Contributing authors in “101 GREAT WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH” published by
  • June 23, 2007

    Kathy and Eileen attend the very first workshop in Los Angeles, CA, of the Thank God I writers for the new book series coming out soon.


    With Kathy and Eileen are Amanda, Cassandra,
    and John Castagnini (Workshop Presenters).


    At the Agape International Spiritual Canter with Rev. Michael Beckwith.


    Eileen and Kathy with “Thank God I” writer, Mabel Katz
    (Author of “The Easiest Way” a study of Hawaiian healing Ho-oponopono) 

  • Katherine and Eileen are listed as “Gratitude Experts” on under “Experts.”
  • Excerpt from “Gratitude Works” included in SERENDIPITY E-BOOK MALL by Veronica M. Hay, “A Magazine of People and Possibilities,” Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


  • February 1st  –  Katherine and Eileen are the featured authors of the month on
  • February 3rd  –  Exhibitor at Reflections of Wellness for Women, 8th Annual Women’s Self-Care Expo sponsored by Aurora Health Care, West Allis, WI
  • Excerpt from Gratitude Works listed on under “Gratitude 3”.
  • Kathy and Eileen attend workshops on “The Ocean of Gratitude Cruise” with  Dr. Masaru Emoto, M J. Ryan, Mary Manin Morrissey, Caroline Adams Miller and others.

    Kathy, Dr. Emoto & Eileen         Kathy, Mary Manin Morrissey & Eileen



  • December 2 – Participation in  Mark Victor Hansen’s Mega Philanthropy and Fulfillment workshop in Costa Mesa, CA.
  • Kathy and Eileen with Mark Victor Hansen

  • Article “The Two Most Beautiful Words” published in the November/December Issue of Healing Garden Journal, Birmingham, Michigan.
  • November 21 – Gratitude Works is featured in the Special Thanksgiving Issue of
  • September 29  –  “Gratitude Works Prayer Book” used in the launch by PushButtonPress of “God Is Rich! Why Not You?” by Jeremiah Green.
  • July 11th  –  The “Gratitude Works Prayer Book” is used in the launch of “Humdulillah: The Attitude of Gratitude in the Islamic Culture” by Ranbir Singh, by
  • Excerpts on “Summertime” featured in Women’s Lifestyle Magazine published in Volusia and Flager Counties in Florida.
  • April 25th  –  Listing under “Wisconsin” on  for “Readers Meet Authors from Alabama to Wyoming!”
  • March 25th  –  A review of “Gratitude Works” is featured on the blog on
  • February 4th  –  Participation in “Reflections of Wellness for Women: Mind, Body & Spirit” Expo presented by Aurora Women’s Pavilion, West Allis, WI.
  • Gratitude Works is listed under “Elder Care Links and Resources” on
  • Excerpt on Reflections  from “Gratitude Works” included in the January Newsletter of National Association of Baby Boomer Women.

  • Gratitude Works is listed on the top 15 Book List for 2005 under “Connie’s Picks” in the December Armchair Interviews Ezine.
  • Feature on “Gratitude Works” in the Winter Issue 2005 of “For You Magazine,” Sun City, California; a magazine serving today’s woman.
  • Nov. 4th  –  Participation in workshop in San Diego “It’s All Who You Know” with motivational speaker Gregory Scott Reid.
  • Nov. 20th – Participation in Pius XI High School, Milwaukee, Peace on Earth Market.
  • Book Review listed under “Inspirational” on
  • October 19th  –  Gratitude Works is listed in The I AM Foundation’s October ’05 Newsletter.“This month we have selected book and music titles for this enewsletter that may help people through a difficult time.”
  • October 31st  –  Review of “Gratitude Works” featured under Inspiration/Religious, Genre: Poetry on
  • Nov/Dec. Issue of LightPlayer Newsletter – excerpts from “Gratitude Works” featured.
  • Excerpts on “REFLECTION” published in November-December ezine issue of “SPIRIT WORLD NEWSLETTER,” Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
  • September 1 – Gratitude Works is displayed at the Beijing International Book Fair, Beijing, China.
  • September 20th – Presentation/talk at the Meta House in Milwaukee, WI to celebrate National Literacy Month.
  • August 7th – Participation in Salem Luthern Church of Milwaukee’s “Meet Your Neighbor” street picnic.
  • August 19 – “Gratitude Works” is the Recommended Book of the Week in Dr. Tom Hill’s Friday Eaglezine, published by Eagle Institute, an organization devoted solely to assisting others find and follow their life’s passion.
    Dr. Hill co-authored “Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneurial Soul” and “Living At The Summit”.

  • Article “Summertime – Take Time to Smell the Roses” published on
  • Gratitude Works is featured in the August/September Issue of “Voices of The New Earth” magazine (serving San Francisco Bay and surrounding areas).
  • Gratitude Works is listed in Resources for Women under Spirituality/Faith on
  • August 25th – Kathy and Eileen participate as vendors in the Women’s Health & Wellness Retreat, Madison, WI.
  • Gratitude Works is mentioned in the July 3rd Newsletter of “The Menopause Expert.”
  • July 6th  –  A review of “Gratitude Works” is featured on
  • Gratitude Works listed in American Society of Authors and Writers in “The Author’s Place.”
  • Gratitude Works represented at Book Expo America in New York City.
  • Gratitude Works listed in Spring-Summer 2005 issue of  “New Age Books Abroad.”
  • Katherine and Eileen are featured as Guest Authors on
  • Article “HEALING” published on under Life: Inspirational/Spiritual.
  • Article Category: Listed under Self Improvement on 6/28/2005. “REFLECTIONS-SELF-IMPROVEMENT” published on under Self Improvement.
  • Article “RECOLLECTIONS” published on under Arts-and-Entertainment: Poetry.
  • Gratitude Works featured in NARBazaar in NEW AGE RETAILER Trade Show Issue 2005.
  • May 31 – Mention in Happ-E-Newsletter by Lionel R. Ketchian:
       “… I would love to quote the following from your book because it means so much. ‘Gratitude Works’ helps us stay in the present moment by being grateful for what we have now rather than dwelling on the past or dreaming into the future. It helps us learn to stop taking so much for granted.’  It is wonderful and I think everyone needs to understand all they can about gratitude because it certainly does work.”
  • May 11 – Article “New Attitudes-New Possibilities” featured on
  • Listing in “Essential Wellness,” a publication devoted to exploring the core issues of what creates and keeps us well.
  • April 18  –  Press Release “A Million Books for Kids Campaign” regarding the I AM Foundation campaign sent out to media by PRWeb Newswire.
  • Excerpts on “Balance” published in the March online issue of “Essential Wellness” exploring pathways to inner peace, health & healing.
  • Gratitude Works is a sponsor of the Winter 2005 Independent Bookstore Newsletter.
  • Gratitude Works is listed in the Spring 2005 Issue of Leading Edge Review.
  • Kathy and Eileen participate in “Sail Into Your Soul II Conference on the Sea” with Karen Drucker singer-composer, Eddie Conner-intuitive-speaker, and Dr. Mark Vierra-minister.
  • March 7 – Excerpts from Gratitude Works on “BEAUTY” published in Body Mind Spirit Reflections Exhibitor Ezine.
  • March 15th – Gratitude Works featured on “Book Wire Presents” for religious/spiritual books.
  • March – Poem “Tsunami: The Earth Speaks” published in the March Issue “Healing the Earth” of the Edge Life (committed to promoting positivity, peace and compassion).
  • Gratitude Works is listed at “Boomer Books” in the Inspirational Section at
  • March 13-15  –  Gratitude Works is represented at the 2005 London International Book Fair.
  • February 1st – “TSUNAMI – The Earth Speaks” a poem by Katherine Scherer listed on under “TSUNAMI VICTIMS HEARTFELT BOOK OF PRAYERS.”
  • Feb. 2 – Essay on “Heart” published in Body Mind Spirit Ezine “Reflections.”
  • Gratitude Works is featured in the I AM Foundation Newsletter.  “5 Gifts for An Abundant Life” by our own beloved Rev. Diane Harmony… and Gratitude Works by Eileen Bodoh and Katherine Scherer, two books to  practice the daily tools of what is most important in our lives.
  • Excerpts on “Beauty” published in the Expressions Book.
  • is listed on in “This Week’s Topic:  Week of January 3, 2005: Your BIG Vision, featuring Gratitude Works and the I AM Foundation’s A MILLION BOOKS FOR KIDS CAMPAIGN.
  • Jan. 7th – Article “The Gift of Gratitude” written by Katherine Scherer published on under articles on “Self Improvement and Personal Growth.”
  • Jan. 21st – Article published on written by Katherine Scherer, Category:  Consciousness. “Tsunami – The Earth Speaks”

  • Gratitude Works is featured in the Daily Dose of Happiness for December 1st in “The Happy Guy” newsletter:
    “When the world is seen through the eyes of gratitude, our true nature of happiness shines through.  It is impossible to be sad when you are grateful. It is not happiness that makes us grateful, but gratefulness that makes us happy…”
  • Gratitude Works’ website is included in “Links that Shine” on the inspirational Online magazine under Personal Growth & Inspiration.
  • Dec. 12th – Gratitude Works is listed on under “Links to Related Sites” under the category “Inspirational.”
  • Dec. 13th – is included on, the online journal for members of the Think BIG Revolution, under the category “Big Ideas” relating to the I AM Foundation’s A MILLION BOOKS FOR KIDS CAMPAIGN.
  • Dec. 14th – is added to Literary Leaps (, one of the web’s most comprehensive collections of book-related links.
  • Colorado-Arizona-New Mexico-California–Gratitude Works is featured in the Holiday 2004 issue of THE LIGHT together with the article “The Gift of Gratitude.”
  • November 13th – Gratitude Works book signing at Invest in Yourself Bookstore, Middleton, WI.
  • November 14th – Participation at Pius XI High School, Milwaukee, Wisconsin –  in their 13th Annual Peace on Earth Christmas Market. (All proceeds benefit programs for peace, literacy and missions, disadvantaged children, environmental concerns, meal programs, Third World artists and others)
  • November 20th – Attendance at Edge Life Expo, Minneapolis, MN, with book signing at Pathway Books and Gifts booth.
  • A description of Gratitude Works is listed for November in USA Book News together with other books under “Spirituality” at
  • November 19th-23rd  –  Gratitude Works exibited by ASSOCIATION BOOK EXHIBIT at the Gerontological Society of America meeting in Wash. D.C.
  • Gratitude Works connects with the fundraising efforts of Jeffery Hansen of Community Projects, 3211 S. Lake Drive, St. Francis, WI  53235; a charitable organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of senior citizens that reside in low income housing facilities.
  • Gratitude Works is listed for sale online at (Insight Metaphysical Bookstore)
  • K & E Innovations are one of the sponsors for the Fall 2004 newsletter of Independent Bookstore.
  • In the Special Thanksgiving Issue of entitled “Expressions of Gratitude,” under “The Ultimate Recipe for Achievement,” Gratitude Works is listed:
    “… I urge you to look at several selections contributed by Achieve! readers. These nuggets exemplify today’s theme of expressing gratitude…”
  • Katherine Scherer and Eileen Bodoh partner with the I AM Foundation’s “A Million Books for Kids Campaign” to raise $60,000.00 to donate 10,000 books around the world.
  • October 6-10  –  Gratitude Works is displayed by the PMA at the Frankfurt Book Fair, Frankfurt, Germany.
  • Excerpts from Gratitude Works –October/Harvest published in Fall Edition of  Expressions Journal, whose mission is to publish, gather, and record individuals from all walks of life and culture from across the USA.
  • Gratitude Works is featured as the Book of the Month for October on the website of
  • Woman Within International lists “Gratitude Works” on their website’s  Reading Room under books that may be helpful in personal and professional growth.
  • Gratitude Works is LIVE on USABookNews.Com Listed in “Spirit” Section from 10/1/04 to 11/30/04.
  • October 13 – Books as Gifts, October 2004, “Gratitude Works” is featured in The I AM Foundation Newsletter.  
    “Whenever we have a tool for gratitude in our lives we have the ability to stay on track with being grateful. The authors have woven together statements of ‘I am Grateful Sayings’ (referring to big and small gifts of the Universe and a sweet poetic wisdom.  Both authors are students of Dr. Gisela Sannar.  We are very grateful for the authors’ generosity to the world through the I AM Foundation.”
  • September 4 & 5 – Gratitude Works is exhibited and sold at the Healing Your Heart workshop at Lombard, IL.
  • September l0-12 – Gratitude Works is displayed with the Florida Publishers Association at the 2004 SEBA Trade Show, Atlanta, GA.
  • Exibition at 2004 SEBA Trade Show, in Atlanta, GA (representing booksellers in Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, Alabama, Arkansas, Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky and Mississippi).
  • From California:  The Center for Attitudinal Healing in Sausalito (Dr. Gerald Jampolsky) orders books for their bookstore.
  • Gratitude Works is listed in the online Organizational Store of The I AM Foundation, San Diego, CA.  Product Category:  Inspiration.

  • Gratitude Works is featured in the Fall Issue of Leading Edge Review.”
  • Gratitude Works is featured in the Mind, Body, Spirit titles from independent presses of ForeWord Magazine.”
  • Gratitude Works is featured in the 2004-2005 Catalog of The Guest Cottage, Inc., d/b/a Amherst Press, Woodruff, WI.
  • An excerpt from Gratitude Works is listed on 1st
  • August 27 & 28 – Gratitude Works is exhibited and sold at the Conference on Health & Healing at Olympia Resort, Oconomowoc, WI.
  • August 28th – Article; Excerpt included on website www.AwakeningPath.Com.
  • From Hawaii:  Author Alan Cohen endorses “Gratitude Works.”
  • New Leaf chooses to be a distributor of Gratitude Works.
  • July 13-19 – Gratitude Works is exhibited and sold in the Bookstore at the 2004 Religious Science International Asilomar Conference, Pacific Grove, CA.
  • Bill’s Blog – Mention was made in “Bill’s Blog” on, while attending the BEA in Chicago in June, 2004:

    “… please visit the individual sites from these people and feel free to spread the word about them. They are talented, passionate people who deserve your patronage…

    … Katherine Scherer & Eileen Bodoh, authors of Gratitude Works… a delightful book of ‘memories, insights and inspiration.’ “

  • Gratitude Works listed on Publisher Dan Poynter’s website under Success Stories – Inspiration books, on page 15.  Kathy and Eileen met Dan Poynter when he stopped by the Multiple Streams of Income table at the BEA book show in Chicago.
  • Gratitude Works participates in Robert Allen’s “Multiple Streams of Income” Booth at the BEA Book Show, Chicago.
  • Good Story A Day – “Amen!” written by Katherine Scherer appears on under Solution Story – Sadness (story #2)
  • Gratitude Works is featured in the Summer Issue of Leading Edge Review.”
  • Gratitude Works listed in Books for Gratefulness Practice along with other authors on
  • May 15-16 – Exhibitor at Edge Life Expo, Waukesha, WI.
   April – Participation in the Writer’s Digest International Self-Published book awards.

  • Second edition of Gratitude Works is printed.
  • March 27 & 28 – Exhibitor at Body Mind Spirit Expo, Milwaukee, WI.
First printing of Gratitude Works.