Home Town Admirers Turn out for Author’s Friday Book Signing

Home Town Admirers Turn out
for  Author’s Friday Book Signing  

By Nancy Wieneke, Managing Editor
Clintonville Tribune-Gazette
Thursday, December 4, 2003
Relatives and friends stopped in to say hello and buy books at Eileen Bodoh’s book signing session held Friday at Erikson’s Pharmacy.  

Bodoh, who grew up in Clintonville, is co-author of a book entitled “Gratitude Works.” She combined with Katherine Scherer, a friend who goes to the same Milwaukee area church, to write the volume intended for everyday usage.

The hand sized book is similar to a daily devotional. There is one page for each day of the year, and each one details things for which to be thankful or grateful.

The authors’ original intent was not necessarily to write a book. Bodoh said they were working with Sarah Breathnach’s book “Simple Abundance,” which she wrote years ago. This author, who has been featured on Oprah, wrote text on five gratitude’s a day.

Bodoh said it is easy for people to come up with the first two gratitude’s – such as family and job, but then they go blank. The two women maintained almost daily contact capturing and writing down words and phrases on gratitude. Then they began rewriting them, compiling them for a book. The project took three years.

Their editor said some of what they wrote appeared as lists, some as insights and some were like stories.  Each page of the book has a main thought. Then there are four lines under this main thought that are related. Each month has a theme – for instance January is Reflection. February presented the most difficult task in coming up with a theme, since they had already chosen Love for June. The monthly themes are reflective of the seasons.

The cover of the book features a rose that is heart-shaped. They knew they wanted a heart, but wanted one that was unusual. A Milwaukee friend, who is a professional designer, developed the cover for them along with page design.

In the back of the book is a little blessing that reflects all the different themes in the book. This was added at the last minute.

A former minister, Dr. Gisele Sanner, who now lives in Encinitis, California, wrote a short synopsis for the book’s back cover.

The book came out at the end of June, with a big push to have it published before their church’s conference, so it could be made available for sale there. They self-published 1,000 books; and about 400 of these remain…

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