What Readers Are Saying

What “Gratitude” Readers are Saying About “Gratitude Works” …

A charming collection of life’s subtle “pleasantries… you capture the mind’s eye with an array of sensational colors.  In “Gratitude Works” you have addressed life in a way which invokes, titilates, and inspires.  It’s like reading a Hallmark every day of the year.”  – M.S.

When I let “Gratitude Works” open at random it always speaks to what I need to think about at the time.  I am finding it to be a very good friend and one I will always cherish.  – M.C.

Each page has its own beautiful expression that gives pause to reflect on blessings in one’s life – big and small – that we often take for granted. It’s artfully and thoughtfully presented, and has appeal for everyone. – H.D.

I’ve been opening it up here and there, and the thoughts/quotes are quite inspirational. – T.G.

Your book is delightful, and given my circumstances, a comforting reminder. – C.M.

Thank you for writing your book. I read it every day and it makes me think of things to be grateful for all day long. – J.T.

Each passage I read triggers a story from my past and brings back memories. – M.K.

A wonderful way to remember our daily blessings … helps to soften the day and ground one in the important things in our lives. – D.K.

It is a way to settle down the way, and find a place of peace in the heart. – D.K.

Very soft, good feeling that reminds me of what to be grateful for –  J.S. a loving works, introspective and enriching. – S.M.

Whenever I pick up the book, it’s difficult to put down. –  D.H. I am going to keep it as bedside inspirational reading.  – J.M. I read from it a little at a time, so as to savor, to realize the depths of each day’s prayer. – J.O.

Such fine thoughts that is a good guide for oneself and gives reason to think over “problems” anew. I do like the thoughts. It has a practical size for home and private places. It is a small and loveable book. – M.H.  (Salzburg, Austria)

It has a wonderful message and such easy reading. It’s like ministry to help one another. – F.S.

No one should have difficulty for finding things to be grateful for; however if they do, this really “primes the pump.” – M.H.

Your book of gratitude is a wonderful triumph – simple and sincere – so warm, charming, approachable. I want to take the time to appreciate the sweetness and beauty of the words. When I am sad, I read from the book. It is deeply consoling. – J.O.

Your book is all about being a first-class citizen, appreciating the gifts of God that are here for all of us. There is dignity, self-respect, simplicity in your book. I like so much the ordinary things in life that you mention in the book as being worthy of gratitude, simple things like finding a parking place, a good computer program, a good outcome for the day. – J.O.

It is very transparent and beautiful, something I seldom think about. Very feminine, and soft and warm. Full of ideas, bright hopes, dreams, and courage. Old fashioned and clean and bright as white kitchen curtains. Your poetry is the kind of poetry I like because it tells me so much how you feel about things from the heart. This is where you have found a few answers, in enjoying what God has given you, and not lamenting for what you have not. – R.D.

Most of these thoughts are like Japanese haiku and leave you with comforting thoughts and sometimes with a transforming idea.  – N.B.

Your book touched a softer side of me. – M.M.

Your book is wonderful!  One can open it where ever you want and have a nice feeling for the day. –  M.V. (Vienna, Austria)